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  • Westpac and CommBank announce rate decisions
    Westpac and Commonwealth Bank have both released their plans following the Reserve Bank’s 0.5% reduction in interest rates earlier this week.   Westpac has announced that it will pass on the full interest rate cut – 50 ...
    Fri 4th May, 2012
  • NAB announces plans for home loan rates
    National Australia Bank (NAB) was the first of the ‘Big Four’ banks to announce its plans in response to the Reserve Bank’s central interest rate cut on Tuesday. It will pass on only 64% of it to its customers.   The ...
    Wed 2nd May, 2012
  • Big Four continue to dominate home loan market
    The government’s drive to forge more competition in the market for home loans seems to have made little inroads, as research revealed that the Big Four banks have retained their market share.   Commonwealth Bank, the ...
    Tue 3rd Jan, 2012 (1 Comment)
  • First test on mortgage exit fee legislation?
    The ban on mortgage exit fees introduced this year is set to make their first impact. Laws introduced in July banning mortgage exit fees will be tried and tested if banks don't pass on the 0.25% interest rate cut made by the ...
    Tue 1st Nov, 2011
  • First time buyer couples could earn upto $1700 a year from taxpayers in reward for their thrift.
    The Federal Government has set up a scheme to provide would-be home owners 17 cents for every dollar they save in special new bank accounts. The scheme will begin from October 1 and is expected to cost around $1.2 billion of ...
    Wed 24th Sep, 2008
  • Melbourne houses catching up to Sydney prices
    While Sydney house prices only gained 5 per cent over 2007, the stellar performers were Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide which each recorded increases of more than 20 per cent. Australian Property Monitors general manager, ...
    Tue 11th Mar, 2008
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